Fathers and Daughters

Hemingford Function Room
The Hemingford Arms, Barnsbury, London N1 1DF

Our Fathers and Daughters evening at the splendid Hemingford Arms in north London was a big success.

All the tickets were sold, the play and the meal were well received, as were the baskets of fresh Thai ingredients people won in the raffle. One or two said afterwards they were puzzled by the unfamiliar items (kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, galingal, longan), but did say they were looking forward to finding out how to use them.

Eleanor Fanyinka and Bill Bingham as Lois and Frank in We Two Alone.

The play We Two Alone by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, inspired by King Lear's reconciliation with his youngest daughter Cordelia, had provided the theme for the evening - an optimistic expectation that fathers can be reunited with their estranged families.

After Thai fishcakes, Chicken Satay, Spring Rolls, Phad Thai and Panang, Red and Green curries, we heard many real fathers and daughters stories.

Our Secretary Sue McAlpine started them off with her story of how her father contrived to disprove an old wives tale; BBC Archers actor Tim Bentinck (he plays David Archer) described how, although he only has boys in real life, he's played opposite 2 actors playing his daughter Pip in the series. Uma Bunnag interviewed her father Tew to find out what it was like having her as his daughter, musician Maurice Nwokeji, better known to his fans as I Jah Mo, got us to sing along with the African lullaby he sings to his daughter, and Mike Duff from Canada revealed the deep feelings that come with being his daughter's father.

It was an evening filled with much laughing, eating and shared memories. We're planning do something like it again very soon.

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